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Our story

The story

Why 1957? This symbolic date represents the year my grandparents arrived in France from Portugal. They settled in this beautiful village, St-Antonin-Noble-Val, where I spent my best childhood holidays.

Years later, I decided to come back and restore this establishment to its former glory, which was, in my youth, the living heart of the village.

The Bistrot 1957 has had many lives, the last traces going back to the 1850s when the Vaissière Brewery was installed there. They used to make beer and lemonade served in bottles imported from England.

If you know more about the history of this place, do not hesitate to come and share it with us.

Xavier Gelonch, founder of Le Bistrot 1957
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The beer

Beer's origins

Beer is probably the oldest alcoholic drink in the world. Historians associate its preparation with that of bread, and date its manufacture back to the cultivation of barley, i.e. to the Stone Age. The history of beer begins with the history of agriculture in the Near East.

The oldest written evidence comes from the discovery of precious clay tablets in the sands of Sumer in Mesopotamia, on the banks of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, not far from the wonderful gardens of Babylon, on which archaeologists deciphered the name of a fermented drink called sikaru. The stelae reveal that this drink, served in beer houses “run by women”, was drunk through straws or reeds. There are 19 types, including one sweetened with honey, intended for women!

Beer had an important economic power in this civilisation as a means of payment in kind for salaries and benefits: the staff of the estate received three litres of beer, the women of the harem five litres, as did the stewards.

The spirit of the breweries, Ginette Hell-Girod

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Emptying a bottle with someone is a modest way of telling the truth.

Jean Carmet
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We offer you moments of sharing with your friends and family or simply as a couple.

Delicious aperitifs, food, tapas and refreshments are served in a traditional bistro atmosphere.

Our values

Work, passion and generosity are the watchwords of our establishment.

As lifelong food enthusiasts, we are committed to offering you impeccable dishes and service.

The spirit of the bistros of yesteryear continues here with generous and gourmet dishes.

Welcoming you in a warm and relaxed atmosphere is essential for us to share a unique experience with you.

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